We are a team of experienced technopreneurs inspired by the limitless possibilities of a wireless sensor based interconnected world.

Remote Grid offers capabilities in the design, supply, deployment & integration of wireless sensor networks. by combining class leading and proven sensors with open sourced self-developed sensor motes on high-quality cloud platforms and data analysis capabilities.

Remote Grid is a team comprising senior management experience in engineering, logistics, facilities, government, remote sensing, wireless technology, and finance with easily around 150 man-years of relevant experience. Capabilities in Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Geo-spatial data capture, manipulation, analysis and decision support systems, large business situation facilitation and execution.

Sensor motes have become low-power, cost-effective, small footprint devices capable of being deployed rapidly to track and monitor changes in the environment, health and defence landscape. Critical are capabilities to design, deploy & integrate sensors with intelligent monitoring capabilities.

Analog & Digital Data Capture from Remote Satellites, UAVs,on-site Real time data stream from wireless Sensors, batch processing of offline data .

Crunching, Manipulation& display of data feed in graphical, XML and other data exchange formats.

Presentation of the data in a consumable format for the stakeholder through simple menu driven choices eg.

  • What is the forecast for today?
  • What shall I plant today?
  • Should I add water, fertilizer?

The Team


Anupam Bhattacharya

Co founder and Executive Director


Avish Joseph

Co founder


Dev Dasgupta

Co founder



Stuart Brown

Agronomist ICT & Agri consultant


Jay Roy

Remote Sensing & Image Processing


Chris Ong

Corporate Finance & Private Equity