Satellite Image Processing

Worldview-3 Satellite : Digital Globe

The adoption of satellite imagery has expanded significantly with the improvement of resolution, spectral signatures and coordinate accuracy. Further, extensive archives of satellite data support in-time acquisition and delivery of data in mono and stereo modes. Today, one can obtain rectified images of 30cm resolution, sufficient for most agricultural status monitoring & tracking applications.

Remote Grid is able to undertake high resolution satellite image processing for analysis and downstream GIS & other mapping applications and pre-processing services including ; Orthorectified mosaics, DEMs & DTMs (Digital Elevation Models & Digital Terrain Models), 3D DTMs, feature extraction & manipulation, 3D Terrain Visualisations, Atmospheric corrections, Vegetation indices, Land cover classification, Agriculture production, Forestry production, NDVI Classification, Change & Anomaly detection, Habitat monitoring

Aerial Image & Aerial Photogrammetry

Vapor-55 : Pulse Aerospace

Remote Grid also provides ultra high-fidelity Photogrammetry and LiDAR data capture, Imaging and processing services using UAVs (Drones) or manned aerial vehicles as the requirement may be.


AL3-32-LiDAR : Phoenix Aerial Systems

Aerial imagery provides a record of the earth’s surface at an instant in time and is relied on by all organisations that manage or interact with the natural and built environments. Aerial photogrammetry is a method of surveying involving the measurement and interpretation of features directly from aerial photographs. The main benefits are the ability to acquire high resolution (5 cm) images of the terrain from any angle for further assessment.