Local Weather & Microclimate

Slide-8-Body-300x225An issue of tremendous importance in precision agriculture is microclimate

A microclimate is a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area. The term may refer to areas as small as a few square meters or square feet (for example a garden bed) or as large as many square kilometers or square miles.

Microscale Metrology is a combination of influence of various parameters including soil type, temperature and humidity, photosynthetically active radiation,
atmospheric Pressure, amongst other geographic features such as proximity to craters, cities and buildings etc.

Slide-8-Body-2-300x225Remote Grid is able to provide local climate prediction of upto 48 hours using established climate models and running simulations on high end computing platforms. The results can be infinitely refined using local weather sensors implanted in particular zones of interest or areas of study.

Time to harvest and apply fertilizers are closely linked to accurate climate forecast.