Soil Health Monitoring

Monitoring soil in a more substantial and quantifiable way is becoming more important due to the increasing interest in soil-health and sustainability. In the past, monitoring the soil meant going out and physically handling the soil, taking samples, and comparing what was found to existing knowledge banks of soil information.

Remote Grid - Soil Health monitoringRemote Grid can design and supply soil health monitoring systems on a stand-alone or integral basis with other component offers in its portfolio.

While nothing will replace actually going out and handling the soil for basic information, today’s technology makes it possible to remotely monitor soil and track parameters that simply can’t be easily or quickly measured by hand. Soil probes are now extremely accurate and offer an unparalleled look at what is going on below the surface. Giving instantaneous information on soil moisture content, salinity, temperature, and more, soil sensors are an important tool for anyone involved with soil, and trying to increase his crop yield.