Yield Estimation

Remote Grid - Yield EstimationEvery process of yield estimation has two main phases of development. The first phase is the calibration of the method and the second phase is the operational application. Ground-truth data are used in the first phase; however, during the operational phase ground data is not required. Both phases require satellite remote sensing data over a period of time and takes the crop growth models to form the basis of the development.

Remote Grid is able to develop models of Yield estimation based on ‘historical’ field-level crop yields from regions produced by farms, apply remote sensing data and develop a fairly accurate model of yield estimation by the process of continuous refinement for the period of study. The yield estimation projects will vary for type of crops, type of plantations and density. However, once the model is developed, it can be quite accurately extended to the same type of crop in other locations as well.

Yield estimation for smaller crops can be estimated as a function of weather conditions, soil conditions, and choice of crop management practices.